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Is Social Media Ruining Your Chances for a Fair Personal Injury Settlement?

Everyone is so busy connecting, posting, talking, chatting, photo sharing and tweeting that they may not even be thinking about the privacy or the access of the information they are “openly” sharing via social media.Did you know that if you are in the midst of litigation, that access to your FaceBook, MySpace, Orkut or other social media or email sources can be made accessible to the opposing attorney and the insurance company through the discovery process that takes place during trial preparation?

Unfortunately, merely deleting or removing photos or posts, etc. isn’t going to help you… it may look more like you are hiding details. Deleting them may do more harm than good to you and your case and could affect your personal injury settlements!

Do not be deceived, the insurance company is NOT YOUR FRIEND, they are NOT ON YOUR SIDE. Rather, they and the opposing counsel are seeking any and all information that helps them to challenge or compromise the validity your personal injury claim. Information that can be used against you would include information that may have been posted prior to your injury accident!
If you have suffered a personal injury, be sure NOT to discuss the details of your injury with ANYONE except the professional, skilled trial attorney you have chosen to represent you.

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