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There is nothing more tragic than the accidental death of a child. A swimming pool accident happens in an instant—a babysitter is distracted, a grandmother answers the phone, a toddler crawls under the fence, a neighbor’s gate is left unlatched—and the surviving family struggles to deal with the consequences. A drowning victim who does not die as a result of the pool accident is likely to suffer long-term disabilities ranging from memory problems and learning disabilities to those resulting in a permanent vegetative state.

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Alex & Associates is here to help. When we take on swimming pool accident claims, we take care to provide individualized attention and dedicated representation to help you seek justice. Our Phoenix personal injury attorneys understand that you are going through an extremely difficult time. We want to alleviate the stress you are experiencing by providing skilled legal counsel.

Swimming Pool Accident Statistics

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • More than one in five fatal drowning victims are children aged 14 years and younger. For every child who dies from drowning, another four receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries.
  • In 2007, of all children between the ages of 1 and 4 who died from an unintentional injury, almost 30% died from drowning. Although drowning rates have slowly declined, it remains the second-leading cause of accidental death for children aged 1-14 years.

According to fatality statistics from the Arizona Department of Health Services from 1999-2009:

  • There were 106 drownings in 2009, an increase of 17% from 90 drownings in 1999.
  • The greatest number of drownings occurred in the 0-4 age bracket (23), followed closely by the 65+ age bracket (19).
  • 69 drownings occurred in Maricopa Country, followed by 21 in Pima, and 8 in Pinal Country, with a smattering in other counties.

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Every year, there are serious home swimming pool accidents, including drowning and diving injuries. These claims are generally paid by homeowners insurance. Hotel, motel, and resort accidents are covered by business liability insurance. Even if there was a sign posted that no lifeguard was in attendance, the management is responsible for maintaining a safe environment, including preventing rough behavior. Instructors and aqua-therapists conducting occupational therapy and swimming therapy for the mentally challenged are also responsible for monitoring their patients or students every second. Other serious or fatal drownings occur as a result of water sports, diving and boating accidents.

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