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Swimming Pool Peril in December

Swimming Pool Peril in December


All one has to do is to take a quick snapshot of the local news headlines to see how easily one can be seriously or fatally injured in an accident – be it from an auto, motorcycle, light rail, plane, fire or a swimming pool.In less than 24 hours, AZ Central news updates have included:

  • 5 articles related to fire with one fatality
  • 7 articles related to auto and motorcycle accidents with one fatality
  • 2 articles related to a plane crash with one fatality
  • 1 article related to the light rail hitting a pedestrian
  • and 2 articles about the near drowning of an 16 month old girl in Glendale

Many of these accident injuries occurred without any previous warning, as people are navigating their way through their normal daily life unaware of any impending danger.

It is easy to be distracted with the shopping, socializing and holiday festivities. However, some thought needs to be directed toward safety. One thing we think little about after summer is over is the “peril of the pool.”

The near drowning of the 16 month old Glendale toddler 2 days after Thanksgiving provides a severe reminder that we cannot let our guard down when it comes to the safety of loved ones. Family members found the toddler in the back yard pool after apparently following the dog through the dog door.

What are the statistics for water related incidents?

I want my toddler/child to file a claim against me and my homeowners insurance. I do?

A claim should be brought forward on behalf of the underage child, even if it is YOUR child, which seems a little weird. The child cannot bring it themselves, but may need the benefits to meet any expenses related to medical care or subsequent trauma counseling needed by the child.

Meet with one of our experience swimming pool and personal injury accident attorneys for a free consultation to discuss possible options for any water-related injury or accident that may have occurred with you or someone in your family. Call (602) 483-6114 or visit our personal injury law firm website.

For more safety tips visit the City of Glendale’s Fire and Safety Educational page.

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