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    "They definitely had my best interest in mind"
    The team is very skilled and professional. The outcome of my case was very satisfying. I can move on from this experience feeling better.
    - Tish L.
    "If you need representation, then I highly recommend working with them!"
    If you need a good attorney with your best interest in the forefront, don't hesitate, give these guys a call!
    - Maria D.
    "Let them work on your case, you will never regret it!"
    They are very professional and helpful. A day never passed where I had a doubt or a question about my case. They don't just go the easy route and settle for less like most of the lawyers, they will fight for you until you are 100% satisfied.
    - Cristian P.
    "They treated me like family."
    They listened, they gave me the best advice and did everything they could to fight for my case. I recommend them to all of my friends and family.
    - Julia R.
    "They are really professional, friendly people."
    Staff was great they answered every question I had. Great location.
    - Gaby E.
    "If I need assistance from a legal team, these are the go to guys."
    Service was superb.
    - Gary S.
    "Attorney Alex is extremely efficient, approachable and professional."
    I have found Attorney Andrew Alex to be very informative on all legal matters and he has this confident air which made me trust him.
    - Agatha A.
    "He was relentless in moving my case forward to a good result."
    Andrew is particularly impressive in court and in arbitration. He goes out of his way to provide excellent legal services.
    - Joseph A.
    "Alex, Laura and the team Hit it out of the ball park!"
    Alex, Laura and the team Hit it out of the ball park! They helped my sister with sincere, courteous and professional service. Dave and Kathleen
    - Dave M.
    "Goes above and beyond"
    Awesome attorney Andrew has helped with several issues and always goes above and beyond and beyond!
    - Danny S.
    "I left satisfied with the results"
    The Staff was meticulous in their efforts to get the case wrapped up, treating the client with great respect and professionalism. Andrew has assembled a great team who follow his intense work schedule. I left satisfied with the results of the case and my back is feeling better.
    - John Y.
    "Andrew didn't let me down."
    I was referred to Andrew Alex by someone whom I trust very much. Andrew didn't let me down. After a hard fought negotiation I picked up my check today! My van which was totaled in accident, all my medical bills and an advance I received all paid in full and I walked with more than expected. Now they are going after my UM and continue to fight. Stick to attorneys who have built their reputation and business off referrals not billboards!
    - James D.
    "They treated me like family!"
    Attorney Andrew Alex and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, approachable, efficient and friendly. They treated me like family! If you're in need of the best legal representation, Andrew and his team are the best!
    - Tammy S.
    "I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for representation give Andrew an opportunity to work his magic on their case!"
    Andrew Alex really knows his stuff.. My case was definitely a long and difficult one, but Andrew definitely pulled through even through the difficult obstacles. Andrew Alex is very professional and shows that he really and I mean really cares about his cli
    - James V.
    "Recently had my case closed and I personally can say I’m satisfied with the results."
    Recently had my case closed and I personally can say I’m satisfied with the results. The staff and Alex were really straightforward and honest with the whole process and informed me with every step that was taking place. I enjoyed this firm because t
    - Andres P.
    "Highly recommend."
    They all were very helpful through out the entire process of my case. They definitely got the job. I can’t thank them enough. Highly recommend.
    - Natalie M.
    "I would highly recommend this firm, there isn’t anyone better out there!"
    Attorney Alex was very supportive throughout the process. His staff were also amazing—they were able to negotiate the liens down considerably!! I would highly recommend this firm, there isn’t anyone better out there!
    - Amber B.
    "They got me a good settlement for my personal injury claim."
    Andrew and Linda were great. They got me a good settlement for my personal injury claim. I had a complicated case with a gap in treatment and pre-existing conditions and they still were able to get me a very fair settlement.
    - JK R.
    "You will be more then satisfied with Andrew Alex."
    A good friend told me about Andrew Alex there is no one like this man he is on top of his game and has many awards and degrees i just want to shout out how grateful I am. He has helped my wife and children tremendously! You will be more then satisfied with
    - Richard C.
    "Great people to work with."
    My husband was represented by this firm. Although sometimes the wheels moved slowly, we are delighted with the outcome. They respond quickly, and keep you in the loop with regular updates on your case. I’d go back to Alex and Associates if I need a p
    - Mary L.
    "Alex & Associates is a legal team that knows how to win"
    Trysta is the most professional person, I've had to deal with, I’ve got served with a civil lawsuit and she resolved my situation, by dismissing my case without going to trial or settlements, just amazing!!! If you have any injury and need legal help
    - Jimmy T.
    "I highly recommend the firm."
    Alex and associates, did a great job on my case and my sons. Andrew Alex is very professional and kind hearted. His paralegal was very knowledgeable and courteous. I was very pleased with my settlement. I highly recommend the firm.
    - Ashish C.
    "I truly want to thank you all for everything you've done"
    GREAT PEOPLE! I'm so so happy I didn't go to a large law firm (the ones with the silly commercials). I have a close friend that's a paralegal for one of those firms and SHE told me herself "do not call us or (insert other firms here)" she stated that with these larger firms you will call in and speak with "customer service reps" that usually have no clue about your case, laws, etc. You will have to leave message after message and hope that a paralegal will contact you back. With Andrew Alex, I met with HIM personally the day after I contacted him. He met me just up the street from my house because he knew I wasn't comfortable driving any longer after the accident. His drive was at least an hour from their office during the rush hour time we met. Andrew was amazing from the start - very very caring and showed so much empathy. I dealt with Cathy who's his Litigation Assistant and she was always so kind to me. We spoke via email with everything because it was my best way of contact. She always made sure I knew she was working on my case and always let me know that I wasn't "bothering" her when I emailed for updates. Andrew himself made calls to me several times to check in and give me updates on how he was proceeding with things. This accident totaled my car, forced me to switch jobs, caused my kids and myself to have some fear when in a vehicle. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety shortly after the accident as well. Andrew made sure that we were taken care of. Its NEVER EVER worth it to be involved in an accident but it sure does help when you have a team like this on your side and handling EVERYTHING!! I really want to complement Laura as well! OMG she's just so sweet. I have a real liking to her because I was able to meet her when I was settling everything with my kids and then with myself. ugh! such a great person and so outgoing, It was nice! it was never strictly legal talk when I went there. Yet professional they always made sure I was comfortable and kept conversation upbeat because...well...talking about this crappy incident in my life is just NOT FUN!! I truly want to thank you all for everything you've done for myself and my babies! We appreciate you!
    - Trina W.
    "I would 100% put my trust in them again if I ever needed representation in the future."
    If you need representation, then I highly recommend working with Alex & Saavedra Law. I was in a serious accident July of 2014.
    I am so thankful I found Alex and Saavedra, From the very start, Alex, and his professional team Cathy, and Laura were
    - Senza
    "They really take their time"
    Whenever you need legal advice, it is imperative that you received special treatment and they sit with you to explain in detail that situation and everything you need to know regarding your case. I was satisfied with their service. They really take their t
    - Miguel A.
    "I would recommend to all of my friends and family."
    By far the most helpful and understanding lawyer I've had. He explained everything to me step by step and was able to put it into terms I understood. The office was super clean and well organized. I would recommend to all of my friends and family.
    - Oralia O.
    "I was lucky I chose Alex and Associates"
    I have never been involved in a truck accident before so naturally I was anxious. It was my first time to contact an attorney on a suit and I was lucky I chose Alex and Associates among the legal teams in my area. I have found Atty. Andrew Alex to be very
    - Agatha A.
    "Thank you Laura & Trista for your hard work"
    Thank you Laura & Trista for your hard work, dedication, & persistence with my case. I greatly appreciate your knowledge & kind words. You ladies are a Great Team!!
    - April A.
    "I really appreciate Tristan and Lori went battle for me to win my case"
    First of all everybody in the company are super nice and I really appreciate Tristan and Lori went battle for me to win my case I will recommend them to everybody they are awesome and I love you both I love the company may God bless you
    - Charles A.