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Nearly every two hours, a pedestrian is injured or killed in a traffic accident in the United States. As a careful pedestrian, there is often little you can do to avoid being struck by a careless or reckless motorist. Even if you are aware and use the crosswalk, even one in a school zone, you may be unable to avoid an accident. When this occurs, you may suffer a serious injury, such as orthopedic, brain, or spine trauma, or other medical conditions

Motorists have a high duty to be aware of pedestrians, especially children. Although the insurance company may deny the claim or attempt to place most of the fault on the pedestrian, we at Alex & Associates will work to prepare a strong case to hold the motorist liable for damages caused by negligent or reckless driving.

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What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

It is extremely important to hire a qualified attorney as soon as possible after a pedestrian accident. Sometimes, a pedestrian may be transported to the hospital before the investigating police officer has had an opportunity to speak to him or her. Thus, the officer does not get the complete story of how the accident occurred. This could work to your disadvantage when dealing with an insurance company.

When you work with Alex & Associates, we will begin a prompt investigation to preserve evidence and interview witnesses. We have extensive experience in representing victims and their families in pedestrian injury claims. If you would like to discuss an accident claim with one of our professionals, we welcome you to call our offices for a free consultation.

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What to Expect from Your Injury Attorney

Competently handling a pedestrian accident claim often requires assembling a team of leading experts including accident reconstructionists, doctors, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and economists. Pedestrian accidents result in a high percentage of fatalities and many of the victims are children. If your family has lost a loved one, we will bring together a team of specialists to establish liability, causation, and the full value of your claim.

Find out more about your rights and options after a pedestrian accident in Phoenix by calling our offices at (602) 483-6114.

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When it comes to experience, you won’t find a more seasoned group of personal injury attorneys with a proven track record of successfully representing injured pedestrians. Through skilled negotiation and superb trial prowess, we have earned a reputation for providing effective and thoughtful representation.

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