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Trips and Falls

Trips and Falls


People often trivialize the danger of tripping and falling, yet falling poses a significant risk to anyone, especially if they are elderly or disabled. Because of the very real threat that dangerous conditions on a property can have towards visitors and guests, the law contains the concept of premises liability. Premises liability allows the victims of injuries due to unreasonably dangerous conditions on someone’s property to make a legal claim against that person or entity as long as they were not themselves acting exceedingly careless.

When proving that a person or entity is at fault in a premises liability case, it can often be important to look at what the victim tripped over. Property owners have a duty to eliminate known safety hazards, and to ensure that their property does not contain any major dangers or flaws in its’ design. If the victim tripped over something that was part of the design of the building or was otherwise meant to be where it was a hazard, the victim will be able to build a very strong premises liability case.

For example, many accidents can happen due to the poor design of steps in a building. When the steps of a new building are put in, there is an expectation that they will be the proper height and width to minimize the risk of injury. If property owners disregard this expectation, and the steps pose a known hazard or otherwise do not meet safety standards, the property owners can be found liable for any injuries for which the steps are the proximate cause. There are some exceptions to this concept when the case involves older buildings, but in general property owners must at minimum inform visitors or guests of known tripping hazards.

Regardless of what the tripping hazard was that the victim fell over, filing and arguing a premises liability lawsuit can be immensely stressful. Especially if the injuries are severe, it is important to call and enlist the help of an experienced premises liability attorney for your case. A personal injury attorney trusts will be able to determine the most efficient path for your case and ensure that you receive the entirety of the compensation you are owed by law, so that you can rest and heal with confidence that your medical bills caused by the carelessness of others will not fall into your lap.

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