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How to Choose a PR Media Company for Your Legal Firm

How to Choose a PR Media Company for Your Legal Firm


Choosing a PR media company is often challenging if we don’t have the basics at our fingertips. There are a lot of firms purporting to offer excellent services out there. We only discover the truth about them after everything has gone wrong. Do not regret later because you chose the wrong firm. Here are a few tips to consider:

Consider your goals

Know what you want to achieve from the PR firm. Understand the goals of the campaign and communicate them. Public relations firms trusts must also be in a position to understand these goals from the beginning. You need to make sure that the agency fits into your legal firm’s marketing program and activities. They must know what is required of them all the time. If your legal firm is unsure of its long term and/or short term goals, a reputable PR media company should be able to help you develop them. Part of that process is establishing a realistic timeline for completing your firm’s goals.

Consider what your competitors are doing

You need to be aware of what services and areas of law your competitors are focusing on. Are you doing everything you need to remain relevant? Look at what they offer clients. Are these services or outreach methods that your firm is not offering but should? For instance:

  • Do other legal firms offer practical advice on their social media pages? This may be something a PR media company can assist you with.
  • Are there frequent mentions of other law firms in your local and regional newspapers, online publications, radio interviews or ads? Even if your competition does not leverage these marketing tools they are worthwhile to consider.
  • Do your law firm’s competitors have engaging and fresh content on their websites? This is what draws repeat visits from prospective clients. A PR media company can help maximize your return on investment for a strong website presence.

Check the PR media company’s track record

Look into the firm’s client history and see whether their outcomes are worth your time and investment. A good PR company for a law firm should have successful engagements within the legal field. If their record is not available on their website, request the information from them directly. Request to speak with or meet the people would work with you on campaigns. Ask the firm to provide you with a list of past or current client references. Call or schedule a brief meeting with the references and ask them about their experiences with the PR media company.

Consider the firm’s expertise

Determine if the PR media company offers valuable insights and services to its legal firm clients.

  • What percentage of their clientele are law firms?
  • For how long have they had their present law firm clients?
  • What are the backgrounds of the staff who will work with your law firm?
  • Request a phone or in-person meeting with the staff who will work with you in order to assess your confidence level in them.
  • Who are some of their previous and present clients? Can the PR media company provide case studies?

The firm must be able to produce details of what it has done for clients. Do not choose a firm that only works with traditional media such as print and radio.

Consider cost and return on investment

Even though you want the very best results possible, you must consider budget. A PR media company that cannot do what you want with the amount your legal firm can afford leaves you with no any other options than to walk away or settle for less. A good agency will explain to you why they want a certain amount based on the scope of work available. They should also offer solutions that can roll out over time rather than all at once. This provides your firm with the option to get the services you need without having to pay for everything immediately.

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