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How Onstar can affect Insurance Rates

How Onstar can affect Insurance Rates

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Onstar is a feature that has become increasingly common in cars within the past couple years. There are many features involved in Onstar, but at its core it is a safety feature. Onstar is a subscription service behind a button on the dashboard which allows the driver to contact emergency services with a single click. In the event of an accident, the driver needs to only click the button to call 911. Even if the driver is knocked unconscious by the accident, Onstar is capable of detecting an accident and determining the location of the car. It will then automatically contact emergency response teams to come to the assistance of the driver.

An Onstar subscription also includes turn by turn GPS navigation, diagnostic systems for the vehicle, and theft prevention systems.

Needless to say, Onstar has immense potential to save lives when disaster strikes on the roads. However, they can also save you a good deal on your insurance payments. Most insurance companies recognize the safety potential of Onstar and will offer significant discounts on auto-insurance to drivers who subscribe to the safety feature. After all, having Onstar installed and operating in your vehicle helps to reduce the likelihood of getting into an expensive accident and needing to file a claim. The specific amount of the discount varies depending on who your provider is, but it is worth the effort to check.

If your car offers Onstar features, you should strongly consider the subscription. It could save both your bank account and your life.

If you have been in an accident, you will need to deal with your insurance company. Settlement negotiations with insurance companies are a tedious and time consuming process. When the insurance company makes you an offer, you should contact a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney in your area. An attorney, like a skilled car accident attorney Dekalb County GA relies on will be able to analyze the settlement offer and make sure that you are receiving the fair amount you’re owed. You have been paying your insurance company to protect you in this moment, and your attorney will make sure that they hold up their end of the bargain. Don’t delay, and make sure you have the best representation to ensure you receive every dime you deserve.

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