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How To Check Motorcycle Recalls

How To Check Motorcycle Recalls

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If you currently ride or are looking to buy a used motorcycle, it’s absolutely critical that you look up the motorcycle and check if it has any recalls. There are a number of sites that keep up to date with motorcycle and equipment recalls; taking a couple seconds to look through this list could very well save you or your passenger’s life.

The website with the most exhaustive and specific list actually comes from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. They have launched a recalls look-up by VIN for your convenience that will tell you if any recall work has been done or needs to be done. Please take a couple seconds and look up your VIN here:

If you are having trouble locating your VIN, it is a unique 17-digit code that’s on a plate that’s attached to the frame of the bike, or directly on the bike itself. Generally, they are stamped near the steering neck, although some can be by the motor.

You can also peruse the NHTSA site and look up any recalls listed, whether that be motorcycles or equipment, although this will be listed by brand and may take longer than simply inputting your VIN.

Another site to check can be They have the latest motorcycle recalls with a running feed; this may be a good site to bookmark and check back every so often to make sure your bike, helmet, or leathers are all in good shape.

You can also always check your motorcycle brand’s website, as each individual make will usually list their recalls. They are also supposed to send you to notice, however, if you haven’t kept up with address changes, or, as mail gets lost en route sometimes, it’s usually prudent to check on occasion anyway. Your equipment is another story, as most of these do not give notice.

If you believe your motorcycle or any of its parts may be recalled, make sure to contact your local dealer and make an appointment to get recall work done. Even if you think your bike is running fine today, something can happen, and it can happen while you’re on the road. Stay safe, make sure your motorcycle or equipment are all up-to-date and have a great ride!

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