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Seeking Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident

Seeking Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident


Pedestrian Accidents Tend to Result in Serious Injury

When a pedestrian is involved in an auto accident, the aftermath can be both confusing and overwhelming. It's crucial to understand that pedestrians have specific rights on the road, and drivers are legally obligated to respect them. For instance, drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and exercise due care to avoid collisions. However, accidents still happen, and the consequences can be catastrophic.

Common injuries associated with pedestrian accidents include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Internal bleeding or organ damage
  • Lacerations and deep cuts
  • Dislocated joints
  • Bruises and contusions
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Potential Short and Long-Term Costs Associated with Pedestrian Injuries

Following a pedestrian accident, victims often face significant short-term costs. These include immediate medical expenses such as emergency room visits, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medication. Additionally, victims may incur expenses related to rehabilitation services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychological counseling to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The long-term costs can be even more substantial; they may include:

  • Ongoing medical treatment
  • Modifications to the home for accessibility
  • Long-term care services
  • Lost wages if the victim is unable to return to work

Moreover, the pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life that result from such accidents can precipitate profound emotional and psychological costs.

Given the potential for substantial financial burden, seeking legal counsel after a pedestrian accident can be a critical step in your or your loved one's recovery. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney (like ours at Alex & Associates) can help you navigate the complex legal landscape, helping you protect your legal rights as you pursue compensation for your injuries.

In short, discussing the possibility of filing a personal injury claim with an attorney can be the first step to regaining control of your life and finances after such a traumatic event.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist You After a Pedestrian Accident

A seasoned personal injury attorney can provide invaluable assistance following a pedestrian accident. In particular, they can assist with determining fault and/or negligence. This is critical in determining whether you have grounds to bring a case.

An attorney can also negotiate with insurance companies and healthcare providers on your behalf. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, your attorney may also help you take your case to court to seek the compensation you are entitled to.

As a rule of thumb, reaching out to an attorney as soon as possible after a pedestrian accident is advisable, even if you're unsure whether you have grounds for a case.

Preparing for Your First Meeting with Your Attorney

When you schedule your consultation with a personal injury attorney, it's helpful to come prepared. The more information you provide, the better your attorney can assess your case and the better you can determine if they are a good fit for your needs.

Here's a short list of what you are encouraged to bring to your consultation:

  • Police report of the accident
  • Medical records and bills
  • Evidence of lost wages
  • Photos of the accident scene, if any
  • Personal account or written description of the event
  • Witness contact information, if available
  • Insurance policy information and any correspondence with the insurance company

Remember, time is of the essence. The sooner you seek legal representation, the better. Your attorney can help you identify whether you have grounds for a case and can guide you in determining your best path forward post-accident.

If you or a loved one was injured in an auto or pedestrian accident in the Phoenix area, contact Alex & Associates online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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