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Woman Trains Her Dog to Attack & is Charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Woman Trains Her Dog to Attack & is Charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon


Aggressive dogs do not bark or growl, they just bite and once they have bitten you they do not let go. And it really doesn’t matter about the breed of dog or the size of the dog, aggressive dogs all display the same demeanor.

Edlyn Joy Hauser, 38, treats her dog like a family member, calling him son and trains him to attack people on her command. The dog obediently does what his owner has trained him to do.

Hauser told her dog to attack her landlord, Warren Volpe, and his 7-year old daughter. The 55-pound pit bull attacked Warren in the face and throat, but did, even more, damage to the 7-year-old girl — taking a huge chunk of flesh from the little girl’s leg. After being rushed to the hospital, the little 7 year old goes through two hours of reconstructive surgery.

Animal Control Officer, Florence Crowell arrives to take the dog into custody. The owner of the dog tells the dog to attack Officer Crowell saying, “Benjamin [the dog] is coming out of here, if you don’t want to get bitten, you better get out of here.” On command from its owner the dog charges out the door and begins attacking Officer Crowell.

Lucky for the Officer, a man passing by sees what is happening and hits the dog viciously with a stick. Momentary stunned the dog releases his hold on the Officer’s hands. But, turns again to attack. Only after being struck a second time does the dog stop. The dog was responsible for crushing a bone in Officer Crowell’s hand and biting her chest. She was hospitalized for five days for treatment of her injuries.

Joy Hauser is arrested and charged with three felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon and intentionally inflicting great bodily harm. Superior Court Judge Marsha N. Revel, hearing the case without a jury, convicted her of assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to six months in jail. Not hardly a fitting punishment for maiming a 7-year-old girl, her landlord and the Animal Control Officer.

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Judge Sentences Joy Hauser with Assault with a Deadly Weapon [Her Dog]

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