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Choosing the Best Phoenix Personal Injury attorney

Choosing the Best Phoenix Personal Injury attorney


Effective communication is important in every area of life, and certainly crucial when you are considering hiring a Phoenix personal injury attorney for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, a semi-truck accident, a pedestrian accident or have been injured due to a dog bite or dog attack.

To ensure a successful first meeting with a personal injury attorney you want to be sure to gather up and bring all important documents that relate to the case at hand, this one step alone can save you time and money. When you bring your documents with you, the personal injury attorney can easily assess all the aspects of your personal injury and can tell you the chances of successfully representing you to receive the appropriate settlement.

Your responsibilities when speaking to your attorney:

  • Be prepared to answer detailed questions regarding the injury or accident. Give truthful, honest reciting of the facts.
  • Respond quickly to your personal injury attorney’s requests for documents, phone numbers, names, etc.
  • Set appointments in advance, chances of being seen without an appointment are sometimes not good.
  • Treat the attorney’s staff with respect and courtesy.
  • Communicate with the personal injury attorney immediately if you are not happy with the process that your case is taking, or if you are unhappy with the way he/she is representing you.
  • Notify your attorney of any change of address, phone number, or status that affects your case.

Your attorney’s responsibilities to you:

  • Your attorney should be diligent and ethical in representing you. He/she should show you courtesy and respect.
  • The personal injury attorney you retain should be “capable” and “experienced” in handling your case. You may wish to ask about the attorney’s education, training, and trial skills before hiring them.
  • You can expect that the attorney should periodically communicate with you and give you a status update on your case.
  • Your personal injury attorney should charge you a reasonable fee, and give you a written disclosure regarding the fee.
  • Respond promptly to calls and inquiries by you.
  • Exercise independent professional judgment on your behalf, free form compromising influences.
  • Permit YOU to make the final decision about how your case is settled.

Attorneys, come in all shapes, sizes, skill levels, integrity, and passion. Phoenix personal injury attorneys are your voice in the legal system. Many very severe accidents have long-term far-reaching future impacts both physically and financially, which makes it all the more critical that you carefully choose your attorney now.

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