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Motorcycle Accidents | Get a Fair & Just Settlement

Motorcycle Accidents | Get a Fair & Just Settlement


Automobile-related accidents take place every day. One moment you are peacefully minding your own business while driving home when suddenly another vehicle swerves abruptly in front of you, causing a pileup. Thankfully, most of the time these accidents are insignificant, but then there are times when such incidents result in far more serious injury. Motorcycle accidents can be experienced by resulting in horrific and often times life-impairing injuries, and sometimes, even death.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Occur

Accidents occur because of several factors. Careless drivers, individuals driving under the influence, damaged roads, malfunctioning vehicles or devices and bad weather. If you are involved with a collision or a crash, the measures you carry out instantly after the incident can influence your final result. If you acquired injuries, but some reason or another decided not to go to the hospital/clinic following the accident, these injuries might not be rehabilitated correctly and the damage might last for the rest of your life.

People who have lost friends and families as a result of serious motorcycle accidents are urged to consult personal injury lawyers to safeguard their privileges after the event. Insurance firms are always eager to settle immediately, but for pennies on the dollar with no real connection or care about the seriousness of the injury now or in the future.

Settling your motorcycle accident with an insurance company in haste is not recommended.

To get a fair and just compensation for their losses, casualties and sufferers of motorcycle accidents in Arizona can consult skilled and reputable personal injury lawyers in Phoenix like those at Alex & Saavedra. Alex & Saavedra have been protecting clients’ rights and losses for over 28 years. You want to select an attorney who concentrates on personal injury and wrongful death law, and are skilled trial attorneys. Always ask for client referrals and read recommendations and view testimonials to get the “real” scoop on if your interests are being served.

The compensation for any accident, motorcycle accidents included, should include expenses for medical bills, lost wages, therapy, housing customization expenses, loss of consortium, loss of future income opportunities and so forth. If the motorcycle accident victim or victims are partially or completely incapacitated as a result of the accident, the personal injury attorney should aggressively pursue compensation for that loss. Medical bills are always top priority in serious motorcycle accidents and can quickly aggregate becoming enormous expenses as the victims undergo various procedures to get diagnosed and acquire proper medical care and treatment(s).

Thousands of motorcycle accidents occur in the United States every year. According to the most recent 2011 Arizona Department of Transportation report, “Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts,” there were 2,980 motorcycle accidents with 130 fatal crashes. Someone you know may have been involved in one of these accidents.

Victims of motorcycle accidents in Arizona should seek the advice of a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney to protect their rights get the fair and just compensation they legally deserve.

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