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3 Important Legal Business Relationships to Build

3 Important Legal Business Relationships to Build


Personal injury lawyers must be adept at building specific relationships within the legal and business community. Because it is the job of a personal injury lawyer to work hard on behalf of his clients, having solid relationships is critical. Whenever a positive result is reached, it’s often because a team of good, smart people came together to help a client through the case. It’s often the little, unnoticed people around the courtroom who help get the job done, and only those lawyers who properly network can put those relationships to use. Here are three important legal business relationships to build for long-term success.

Court reporter

A skilled court reporter can be an invaluable relationship to cultivate. Reporters play an integral part in many cases, as their work often consolidates and outlines the events involved in the case. Having a strong, respectful, working relationship will help ensure prompt and accurate transcripts. It can also be a source of information and an avenue to other building block connections, as reporters intersect all different arenas of the legal field.


In civil cases, there might be times when an important witness does not speak English. That person’s testimony is just as important as any other person’s, and it’s incumbent on the lawyer to ensure that the jury can understand more than just the basic words spoken by the non-native speaker. On top of that, the jury needs to understand the emotional thrust of the testimony so the jury can empathize. Good translators do an excellent job of communicating the message and the emotions behind the message. Beyond that, translators are often able to help calm down witnesses who might not be comfortable speaking in front of a judge and jury.


Criminal defense lawyers know the value of a good investigator, but the need for investigators does not stop there. In fact, some of the most important civil trials have been decided because great investigators got their hands dirty investigating some issue or tracking down some defendant. Solid investigators will help to piece together the things needed to make a strong case to the jury.

No lawyer can do it alone; even if he or she has many great skills. Building legal business relationships is a critical step in ensuring that clients have the best chance to win their case. Whether it’s a skilled court reporter, caring translator, or a meticulous investigator, a successful lawyer will benefit from having many different people on their side. By enhancing and cultivating these relationships, attorneys are able to improve their cases and give their clients more successful representation.

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