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How to Sue the City of Phoenix

How to Sue the City of Phoenix


If you live in Phoenix and are wondering how to sue the city, talk to an attorney with experience in this at Alex & Associates Call our office at (602) 483-6114 to request a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys on staff.

There are many reasons why people may need to know how to sue the City of Phoenix. Some of the most common examples are:

  • A city-owned, operated, or managed vehicle injured a member of the general public.
  • A conveyance owned, operated, or managed by the city injured a member of the general public. This could be a public elevator, escalator, stairs, etc.
  • A known hazard existed in a public space owned by the City of Phoenix and that hazard seriously injured someone. For example, it could be a damaged sidewalk, public park, or other areas with a hazardous condition that caused a slip and fall accident.

Filing a Claim or Lawsuit Against the City of Phoenix

If you want to know how to sue the city, you will need to do some research because there are many rules and regulations that you must follow. The amount of confusing red tape that must be followed is why so many victims turn to Alex & Associates for help. As far as how to sue the City of Phoenix, here is a brief overview:

  • Victims of personal injuries who desire to sue the City of Phoenix must file a Notice of Claim within 180 days after experiencing the injury. The process of filing this claim can be confusing. An attorney with Alex & Associates P.C. can complete this process quickly and accurately on your behalf.
  • Within your claim, you must be able to state your case in such a way that it’s clear that the City of Phoenix was negligent and responsible for reimbursing you for your injury costs.
  • You must serve this Notice of Claim to the appropriate authority within the City of Phoenix. Failure to do so will likely cause your claim to be denied.
  • You must state how much money you require to settle your claim. You must also include supporting documentation such as receipts and other types of proof. This is critical when it comes to understanding how to sue the city.
  • Upon receipt of your claim, the City of Phoenix will consider your case. If they do not accept it within 60 days after submission, it is deemed denied.
  • Whether the City of Phoenix accepts or denies your personal injury claim, you will have no more than one year to sue the city.

The Law Offices of Alex & Associates

The question, “How do I sue the city?” is not an easy one to answer. With the complex legal requirements involved in suing the city of Phoenix, you need quality representation. Our team of knowledgeable lawyers can help you fight the city government and recover your losses caused by their negligence. Give us a call today at (602) 483-6114 to speak with an Alex & Associates attorney who can advise you on how to sue the city.

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