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Top Dollar for My Wrecked Car

Top Dollar for My Wrecked Car

Car Accident

Top Dollar for my Wrecked Car – Auto Repair Claim WHAT IS YOUR CAR’S VALUE NOW … AFTER THE ACCIDENT?

When attorneys at our Phoenix, Arizona firm handle a motor vehicle accident injury claim, we also handle our client’s claim for property damage resulting from the crash. When settling a claim for property damage, just as when handling a personal injury claim, automobile insurance companies have a goal of paying our client as little as possible.

If the cost of repairs to your wrecked car or motorcycle is less than 80 percent of the vehicle’s book value, your insurance company will have it repaired, stripping it of resale value.

Our lawyers will vigorously defend your right to a fair property settlement. If your late-model car or motorcycle was wrecked and repaired it has lost its resale value (diminished value due to accelerated depreciation) and years down the road may develop mechanical or bodywork problems. We will demand the insurance company reimburse you for the diminished value of your vehicle.

We also help our clients arrange for rental cars and compensation for the loss of use of their vehicles, see that they get quality medical care for injuries suffered in the car accident or motorcycle wreck, and help them deal with the emotional and financial stresses resulting from motor vehicle crashes.

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