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How Do Lawyers Investigate Car Crashes?

How Do Lawyers Investigate Car Crashes?


The press gives a lot of attention to what happens inside the courtroom. This allows people to better understand the trial process. Focusing on the court, however, leaves out a huge part of any trial: a lawyer’s investigations.

Before you embark on any legal action, you should learn as much as you can about what, exactly, your lawyer is going to do.

When it comes to car accidents, lawyers want to reasonably recreate the incident. They don’t usually “recreate” it in the sense that they crash another car. (Although they could, and some have.) Instead, attorneys use the available evidence to find the truth behind a car crash.

Physical Evidence

The scene of a wreck can reveal a lot about what happened. Even after the city clears the debris, something may be left over. Tire tracks, for instance, can tell you how many cars were involved, which cars stopped first, and more.

The car’s damage also tells a story. The placement and depth of a dent, for instance, shows you where someone was hit and how hard. Details like these will help corroborate or contradict someone’s account of the crash. The same is true for any scratches, dings, removed paint, and so on.

Medical Records

If you’re ever in a car wreck, no matter how small it seems, go see a doctor. Any records and diagnoses you receive could help you out later.

Just like damage to a car, injuries to your body can reveal a lot about your accident. Say, for instance, you suffered whiplash. Detailed records can reveal exactly which direction your head traveled during the injury. This information could help explain whether you were hit from behind or head-on.

Camera Footage

Stores and plazas may have cameras pointed at traffic. If your accident took place within view of these machines, your attorney could ask for the footage. Evidence like this, clearly showing what happened in an accident, is hard to dispute in court.


Speaking of cameras, modern-day, concerned citizens often record events as they happen. You can find countless videos of car crashes online. It may be possible to track down someone who both filmed your wreck and is willing to give a statement.

Even without footage, it’s almost certain that someone else saw what happened. Your attorney can take witness statements, and these witnesses can testify in court when necessary.

The Importance of Finding Fault in a Car Wreck

Many states use the at-fault system in car accidents, Arizona included.

Under this system, the person responsible for an accident is also responsible for covering the damages. Even if your case doesn’t go to court, it’s important to uncover the facts. That way, the at-fault party’s insurance can cover your bills.

When a case does go to court, it won’t matter which system the state uses. The plaintiff’s job will be to prove the defendant’s responsibility in the event. This is why both you and your attorney must work together, recreating the incident and showing the court that you deserve compensation.

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