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Car Accident Lawyer Cave Creek AZ

I am in the hospital. Can I still meet with a car accident lawyer?

Yes, if you have been injured in a collision and are being treated in the hospital, you can still contact our law firm for further legal advice. When you do so, we may review the incident by asking you different questions and also listening to your side of events. Rest assured, our free consultation will be as supportive as possible and should not hinder your recovery. If we believe there to be a legitimate claim, we may visit you in the hospital for further counsel. Please don’t let your hospital stay prevent you from reaching out to a car accident lawyer Cave Creek AZ has to offer. It is perfectly okay to do so, and you should as soon as possible.

What to Do If You Are Contacted by Insurance Adjusters

If you are in the hospital after a car accident and are contacted by insurance adjusters, you may be asked for your version of what took place. If these adjusters are from another party involved, you are advised to politely decline to make any statement until you speak with a car accident lawyer Cave Creek AZ provides. Some insurance adjusters are very good at manipulating the situation or confusing you through carefully worded jargon. It may be easy for you to become overwhelmed by this, especially while in the hospital, your judgment may be clouded. Regardless of what the insurance adjuster tells you, you should always find out what a car accident lawyer Cave Creek AZ respects, such as Alex & Associates, has to say.

What To Tell the Hospital

You might be asked by doctors or other hospital staff about what happened, and you should tell them exactly what you remember. It’s also important to let them know of any pain you are experiencing no matter how intense it may be. This is valuable to your potential claim and could save you from being doubted, now or in the future, by the insurance company.

Scheduling a Free Consultation With Alex & Associates

When you have been injured in an auto collision, you have the right to seek advice from a car accident lawyer Cave Creek AZ residents trust. Alex & Associates is a law firm serving the state of Arizona and the Phoenix metropolitan area. Guided by decades of experience and a passionate zeal for protecting the rights of our clients, we have grown a reputation to be proud of. Regardless of what happened, if you need a Cave Creek car accident lawyer, please call Alex & Associates now.

If you’re in the hospital, you don’t need to wait until you are released to speak with a lawyer. This especially holds true for people who are expected to be a patient for an extended amount of time. If you are the loved one of a patient who is incapacitated due to a car accident, you may also contact a lawyer. For a free consultation with a car accident lawyer Cave Creek AZ offers to families and individuals, please call (602) 483-6114.

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